ALLWEI power station provides safe electricity protection

Many people are disappointed when the gas or diesel of power generator runs out in picnics or camping, and when it works it's costly, noisy, dusty and smoky, which make them cannot sleep and relax. A Portable power station will be offered to the explorer relaxation time in many areas, such as do not have to pay for gas or diesel and no noise or smoke. Basically, it's save to environment. The station built-in lithium ion battery, which equipped with USB, Type-C, DC, AC, car cigarette lighter port etc. Also, LCD screen display of the station will show all battery operating status easily and timely.The explorer will be able to move the station anywhere, it's portable power station. Most importantly, the explorer could use the portable power station to turn on a TV set or lamp and also could charge the cellphone or IPod.

ALLWEI power station protection

With the enhancement of science and technology and intelligence of outdoor engineering projects, and the improvement of mechanization and automation of engineering equipment, the demand for electricity for outdoor construction operations is gradually increasing. Whether it is professional equipment, lighting emergency, or engineering machinery, power supply is indispensable. When it is difficult to obtain electricity for outdoor work, how do construction workers have enough power to power these equipment and tools?

Outdoor power supply was only used as an outdoor "power supply box" for outdoor self-driving tours and outdoor camping enthusiasts. It can guarantee the basic power demand during outdoor travel. However, with the continuous development of the outdoor portable power station market, the use groups of portable power station lithium have gradually changed.Emergency portable power station is no longer just the standard equipment for outdoor travel. We are engaged in outdoor photography, outdoor surveying, medical rescue, emergency backup power supply, Outdoor power sources can be seen in various fields such as offshore fisheries, including outdoor operations.

The key is to have complete sockets for outdoor construction power equipment.Portable outdoor power station generally have a 220V wall plug interface (AC interface), a 12V DC interface, and a 5V USB interface. The three output modes can meet the charging needs of a variety of electrical equipment and are compatible.In addition to the user-friendly design of multiple output interfaces, the charging methods of outdoor power sources are also fully considered. AC charging, car charging, solar panel charging, and portable power station outdoor can be charged in time regardless of the situation.

Outdoor construction also needs to pay attention to the safety of electricity use. We should be vigilant and learn from the safety accidents caused by power leakage and explosion in outdoor operations. For your own safety, choosing a high-safety outdoor portable power station is responsible for your own life. The ALLWEI 300 portable solar power station is independently developed and produced by ALLWEI,which has been in the power supply industry for 13 years, while focusing on the innovation and application of portable power supplies. , The safety of power supply is also our focus. The outdoor power station has a built-in "BMS" battery management system and nine-fold safety protection to further protect the safety of outdoor construction workers.