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FAQ for 300w portable power station

Q1:Can use a 100w solar panel?

A:Good question... I Believe 100 watt would be sufficient

Q2:Could this generator run a 500 watt heater?

A:No because it is 300 watt generator.

Q3:Is the 12v regulated?


Q4:Hello, Does your unit auto power down when no draw is detected? If so, what is the minimum power draw to stay on? Thank you.

A:Hi, thank you for your inquiry.This portable power station will power down automatically if the total output power is detected lower than 2W for 12 consecutive hours. But if you charge the device less than 2W, this power station won't stop working until 12 hours later.Hope this helps.

Q5:can this power station run a 300 watt rice cooker?

A:Hey thanks for the question. Yes it can. This unit will peak to 600 watts so you should be good to go.

Q6:Is there a way to manually turn off the battery? like an on/off switch?


Q7:The listing says it can recharge a laptop 7-8 times; I could only charge a laptop twice before the power was depleted. Do I have a defective unit?

A:It may depend on the size of your battery, but if the Alwei battery has been in use for some time, I would think it would charge your laptop more times.

Q8:will this power a keurig coffeemaker?

A:The battery is limited to powering devices that use regularly not more than 300W, peak 600W. A coffeemaker, also keurig coffeemaker, uses easily 400W and peaks at over 1000W. So, this battery won't be able to power a keurig coffeemaker.

Q9:What is PD 60 watt port for?

A:I believe that is a usb type c quick charge port. Mainly used for a laptop or charging multiple devices. 60 watts is the most common for a pd charger.

Q10:Can I charge my onewheel?

A:Depends on the draw of the charger. If it plugs into the wall there should be a marking on it this is only a 600 W Device

Q11:It says 600w peak, but you also say "a: please note that the ac output ports can only charge devices that operate at less than 300-watt", pls clarify?

A:Hi thank you for your inquiry. 300W means that the running power of devices while 600W means the peak power of devices. For example, when a refrigerator starts to power on, its instantaneous power may reach 500W, that is to say, 500W is its peak power, and when the refrigerator stably works, the power will be stable at about 200W, 200W is its rated/running power.

Q12:How long would this last if using it to run a standard 24" flatscreen TV?

A:Hi, thank you for your inquiry. First, please kindly refer to the user manual of your TV and seek for the running power of the TV. The working time of this power station will be 280Wh*0.85/the running power of your TV.Hope this could help you.

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