How to select portable power station for your CPAP machine ?

portable solar power station for camping

Nowadays, camping is one of the most popular activities to do during the summer. It is great way to breathe some fresh air, get some exercise, get out of the routine of the city and make some amazing memories with friends or family. Camping combines several of the most fun activities you can do, such as fishing –if there is a lake, of course-, singing around a fire pit, watching the stars at night and playing friendly football matches.

While there are several physical, social and psychological advantages that come with going camping during the summer, the lack of electricity might be a problem, especially for people with breathing disorders who need a CPAP (Constant Positive Air Pressure) device.

portable power station for cpap

The best option, generally speaking, is to look for a solar portable generator to use as a portable power supply, but how are you supposed to know what to look for in your solar power station?

a portable solar rechargeable generator is perfectly appropriate for camping trips. When you are camping you literally have access to sunlight twelve hours a day, as you will be spending most of the day outside, and a portable solar power generator can certainly recharge your CPAP without having to carry around several CPAP power backup.

So, which is the best option? First, you are going to want a solar charger that it is truly portable, lightweight, convenient, and durable and especially one that can provide enough battery for your CPAP.

ALLWEI portable solar generator

ALLWEI 300w 280wh portable solar power station can meet all needs easily, which is portable,lightweight and convenient,the important point is “no noise”. Cooling fan will not turn on if AC output usage under 150w.That means cooling fan is quiet when we use small devices within 150watts.There will be no noise to affect sleep when users use small devices or CPAP in the night.It is as simple as plugging your CPAP into the wall in your bedroom from AC outlet or from the DC ports.