Understand The Rated Power of Portable Power Station

Can I use portable power station 500w for my rice cooker? Can I use an outdoor power station 1000w for an electric drill? Can I...

Recently, we have received these questions. Now let’s learn more about rated power, actual power and peak power.

1.Load power deviation

Rated power:

The rated power is set during the design and manufacture of the equipment. The rated power refers to the power that the equipment can guarantee normal operation, and the equipment can operate normally and smoothly under this power. The signs on daily appliances are indicated the rated power.

Actual power:

The power consumed when the device is actually working. The actual power may be more than or less than the rated power. Note: The allowable deviation between the actual power and the rated power is 10%. For example, if the rated power of an electrical appliance is 1000W, the actual power used may be 1100W (or 900W), but most of the actual use is positive 10%.

Therefore, there must be a margin for the power when choosing an outdoor power station,otherwise, there will be a problem that the power cannot be used if the power exceeds the power supply.

2.Peak power of the load

We collectively refer to all electrical equipment that consumes electrical energy as loads. Loads can be divided into the following categories according to electrical characteristics:

① Resistive load:The load of the resistance element will generate heat when it is working. Such as electric stove, electric heating cup, water dispenser, incandescent lamp...

② Capacitive load:Refers to a load with capacitance parameters, which is a load that meets the characteristics of voltage lagging current. Common capacitive loads include computers, TVs, and other electrical equipment with switching power supplies.

③ Inductive load:Electrical appliances made with the principle of electromagnetic induction have coils inside. They are usually electromechanical products, such as electric fans, motors, air conditioners, electric drills...

The loads of Electrical appliances are all composite loads. When using portable power station outdoor, we should focus on inductive loads. Inductive loads have peak power when in use, and the starting power is generally 8-10 times than rated power!

According to the power demand, choose the right lithium portable power station.