What Do You Need to Prepare for Camping?

Surrounded by nature, count the stars under the bright moonlight with family and friends, this artistic conception makes people intoxicated. There are no insects or noise in the wild in winter, and there is no more quiet mountain forest than winter. However, outdoor camping has a high risk factor, so you must be well prepared before you set off to enjoy a perfect vacation.

Learn the local situation

In front of nature, human beings appear very weak, so before going out, you must understand the local topography, landforms, weather and other related knowledge.

camping situation

1.Be optimistic about the weather forecast in advance, the current weather forecast software can see the weather conditions after 15 days.

2.Understand the local topography and landform conditions and make corresponding preparations.

3.The wind and hydrological conditions also need to be considered. Prepare a directional wind meter and understand the hydrological conditions to greatly improve the safety factor.

4.Pay attention to recent local news to see if there are any major events that will affect your tour.

Equipment Organization

Organizing camping equipments is a very important and tedious thing. Outdoor camping equipments should be selected to be durable and of high quality to avoid trouble and embarrassment to camping. The following lists some necessary devices for reference. You can bring special items according to the actual situation.

Camping tools

1.Basic equipment: tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, large backpacks, candles, camp lamps, flashlights, compass, maps, cameras, trekking poles.

2.Shoes and clothing: jackets, outdoor shoes, warm cotton clothes, change of clothes, cotton socks.

3.Picnic supplies: lighters, matches, kettles, picnic pots, barbecue grills, multi-function knives, tableware.

4.Water and food: enough water, fruits, meat with high calories, vegetables that are easy to handle, staple food.

5.Medicines: cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, anti-inflammatory powder, antidote, gauze, tape, bandage.

6.Personal items: personal documents such as ID cards, driver's licenses, and other special personal items.

7.Power station:you need a emergency portable power station in case of no power.

Camp selection

The choice of dormitory is related to the safety and rest of all personnel, and must be fully and carefully considered.

Camp selection

1.Near the water: Needless to say, the importance of water in the wild, choose a place close to the water for easy access to water. However, weather reasons must be considered to prevent potential safety hazards caused by skyrocketing water flow.

2.Leeward: The leeward place avoids the cold wind blowing at night, and it is safer and more convenient to use fire.

3.Shade: If you play for a long time, it is best to camp in a shady place, under a big tree or on the north side of the mountain, so that you can rest in the tent during the day without being hot and uncomfortable.

4.Near the village: It is close to the nearby village. If there is any accident, it is convenient to ask for help.

5.Far cliffs: Keep away from cliffs and places where rocks are easy to roll, to prevent casualties caused by strong winds.

6.Lightning protection: In the rainy season or areas with heavy lightning, lightning protection should be considered when setting up camp to avoid lightning strikes.

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