Why Choose ALLWEI Portable Power Station?

Prouducts advantages of ALLWEI Portable Power Station:

1.LCD screen display-shows all battery operating status easily and timely. Charging power and required charging time are visualized. LCD display on/off can be controlled by separate switch.

2.Key tone turn on/off are optional When using this power station in a quiet environment(Such as at meeting or at sleeping night),you can turn off the key tone by long pressing the screen switch at 3 seconds.

NOTE:LCD display and Key tone are use optional operation in new released models series,we design it to enhancing the user experience.Users can choosing turn off LCD screen and key tone to ensure they can enjoy a wonderful outdoor night.

ALLWEI Power Station-key tonePortable Power Station LCD

3.Automotive Grade battery cell with Battery management system Charging and discharging cycles around 1000 times,DOD≥80%, Ultra-safe lithium battery pack.

4.Built-in MPPT Solar Charging Controller Max power point tracking while charging through solar panel.Charging speed at least increasing 30-40% from the same panels,and support more excellent charging features than normal PWM type in poor sunlight environment.

5.4 sets of temperature probes in battery pack. Each bunch of batter cell with 1 temperature probe.Protecting battery pack safety and shut down input and output when each bunch of cell temperature exceed original setting value.

6.Multiple output ports , load up to 9 devices at the same time. Dual AC output sockets(Max 300W) with Pure sine wave; 2*USB 5V*2.4A port (AUTO); 1*USB-C (PD18W); 3*DC ports 12V*3A; 1*Car cigarette lighter port 12V*8A(with dust plug);

7.Each group output has separate switching control. Each group output has separate over-current protection and triple protection function ( output ports, software, battery protection board ),short-circuit of any output will not affect other group output. With the powerful LED light built-in, this power station has two lighting modes: press the button once for immobile white light mode(3-level adjustable) and press twice for SOS mode.

ALLWEI Portable Power Station,Power On The Go.