Why choose portable power station for outdoor ?

Today let's talk about portable lithium power station and gas generator which one is better for outdoor camping? And which one is more cost-effective? Now let's compare the solar power station with gas generator from 5 aspects as following:


How to judge whether a product is portable or not? It’s not basically depends on whether it is convenient to carry, from the point of view of portability, because solar portable power station have different capacities, the volume and weight will also be different. Some can be put in a backpack, some can be carried on an airplane, and some can be placed in a car. It can be suitable for different groups of people and different usage scenarios. Most of the generators are very large and bulky and difficult to carry, which has great limitations for the use of people and usage scenarios.

2.Environmental protection

From the perspective of environmental protection, the portable solar power station has a big advantage than generator. First of all, people who have used generators will know that generators will emit a lot of exhaust gas during operation, which is very bad in terms of environmental pollution. Another point is that the noise is very loud. Many friends who choose outdoor camping simply want to stay away from the noisy city life for a short time and return to nature to enjoy the peace and tranquility brought by nature. However, if you bring a generator like this, it will be the opposite. It will add a lot of troubles, then the gain is not worth the loss.


I believe that everyone will pay attention to the price when buying products, so power station portable or gas generator which one is more cost-effective? We will talk about it from many aspects such as its materials and working principles. Compared with outdoor power supplies, gas generators have higher working pressure and higher requirements for the strength and hardness of mechanical parts. Its fuel injection pumps and nozzles are made. The accuracy requirements are also high, so its cost is naturally not cheap.


High-power and large-capacity portable power station will support AC, USB, and DC output. The multi-interface design can meet the application of more products at the same time. It supports three charging methods: solar panel charging, car charging, and city charging. Compared with generators, it can be used in a wider range and more convenient.


There are many aspects to pay attention to when using the generator outdoors. A little carelessness will cause serious problem. When using the generator, it should be placed outdoors or in a well-ventilated place in the machine room, not close to doors, windows and vents to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the room. Secondly, before adding fuel, the generator should be turned off and added after the generator has cooled down to prevent fuel from splashing on higher temperature parts and catching fire, causing disasters. But outdoor power supplies will not have so many concerns. Outdoor power supplies are basically equipped with four protection functions of over-temperature protection,over-discharge protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection, so they will be more safe and reliable.