ALLWEI 100W Portable Solar Panel

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Guarantee for portable power station
Why Choose ALLWEI Solar Panel?
ALLWEI portable solar panel have an efficient power conversion rate, capture more sunlight than traditional solar panels, and charge your power station to 100% faster. This solar panel can be used not only for ALLWEI portable power station but also for other brands such as Jackery, Flashfish, BALDR, Rockapl and more as we provide a multi-specification DC adapter. Take ALLWEI solar panel and power stations outdoors and no longer worry about running out of electricity.

Smart Technology, Deliver the Fastest Charge
ALLWEI folding solar panel can automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve maximum power, delivering its fastest possible up to 2A

Foldable Solar Charger with Kickstand
ALLWEI 100w solar panel is foldable, portable, silent, splash-proof, and stylish. Stores easily in your vehicle or backpack.

Compatible with most solar generators
With our included different size of connectors

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Power outdoor

Foldable Solar Panel

AllWEI Portble Solar Panels combine portable power station for outdoor like RV,Camping,Travel,Fishing etc.


Class A Water Process

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Foldable and Portable Design

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Hight Efficiency



Work With Power Station



Q1: Why can't I charge the device?

A:You could please check whether the solar panel is at the proper angle and toward direct sunlight; Please also check the installation environment or weather information, because temperature, weather will also effect charging.

Q2: Is the amount of power generated by solar panels change related with the installation angle?

A:Yes, please always face the front side of solar panel toward the sun to get maximum efficiency, and make sure the solar panel is completely unfolded when using.

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